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Images of Early Agriculture and Orchards

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Watering the Orchard Agricultural Spraying The Orchard Harvest Glen Standley Logging Pig Farming Sheep Farming Women in the Orchard Pear Picking Near Medford, 1910 Orchard HandsStandley Wrecked Logging TruckPanning for Gold
Agricultural Spraying
Agricultural Spraying
By the late 1800s, the spraying of many agricultural crops was common practice in the region. Early reference book series began to publish information on the subject. In 1897, the MacMillan Company published such titles as "The Principles of Fruit Growing" and "The Spraying of Plants: A Succinct Account of the History, Principles and Practice of the Application of Liquids and Powders to Plants for the Purpose of Destroying Insects and Fungi".
Source: GKime Collection: quack_3